10 Bath Essentials

10 Bath Essentials

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like having a perfectly orchestrated bath where everything comes together to create a blissed-out experience. These baths don’t just happen though and they require a lot of careful planning and the right bath essentials to get it right.

If you’ve got a bath at home that rarely gets used or just want to transform your boring bath into something worthy of an expensive spa treatment, we’ve got the list for you. These are the bath time essentials that will do the trick every time, and make you never want to pay for a professional spa again.

#10: Music

Woman Listening To Music While Bathing

The mood is key when you’re having a bath and what better way to set the mood than with some music? The goal here is to find something that you enjoy but that will relax you, as you don’t necessarily want to be thinking about the music while you’re soaking or listening to any complex lyrics.

Setup your phone on a Bluetooth speaker or turn on the classical radio station, however you do it, it’s a must-have for the bath.

#9: Essential Oils

Scent is key to relaxation and our bodies can soothe quickly when the right aroma is in the air, so essential oils are a must.  In terms of baby bath essentials, always check before using any essential oils with children or babies.

They’re more sensitive than adults and there could be serious side effects. For adults though, it’s all a matter of choosing the most relaxing scents like lavender or rose oil and adding a few drops to the bath water once it’s drawn.

#8: Flower Petals

It might seem like you’re overdoing it a little, but we promise that this is a must have for a professional spa treatment and you can easily get them from your garden for free. The best petals are rose petals because they look and smell divine, but you can use just about any flowers you can get your hands on.

Scatter just a few through the water without going over the top and you’ll be amazed at the difference they can make.

#7: Candles

Any time you imagine a nice, hot bath, there’s a good chance that some flickering candles are there somewhere in the vision. You don’t want a bright and glaring light when you’re trying to relax in the water and candles offer a chance to quieten things down a bit.

These incredibly romantic accessories can be scented or uncented, but just be sure that you practice some fire safety and never leave them burning near anything that could go up in flames. That wouldn’t be the relaxing atmosphere you were hoping for.

#6: Bath Bombs

Homemade Bath Bombs

Bath bombs went from being a nice sometimes bath accessory to a must-have in recent years and it’s thanks to the new range that we’re seeing.

Amazing bath bombs can put on a visual show when they’re dropped in the water and have plenty of therapeutic benefits as well. Shop for one that suits the theme of your bath (ie. relaxation, rejuvenation) and drop it in just as you get into the water.

#5: Books Or Magazines

Baths are definitely a relaxing thing to do, but they can also be downright boring. Anyone who’s laid there for more than a few minutes without some reading material will be able to attest to that.

Rather than taking your phone or tablet into the water and risking dropping it, bring some books or magazines next to the bath and enjoy them without the fear of getting them wet. The goal is to zone out and relax, and reading will help you do exactly that.

#4: Soaks

In addition to your lovely bath bomb, you’ll want a bath soak that acts as a  moisturizer and cleanser for your body while you’re there. To be really decadent, look for one that features milk and honey as this is ideal for creating supple skin.

Milk contains lactic acid which is a natural exfoliant and honey will add some richness to your skin, making for a super luxurious bath.

#3: Fluffy Towel And Bathmat

Getting out of the bath needs to be just as relaxing as your time in it was, so make sure you have a bath towel and bathmat ready. You’ll want somewhere dry and warm for your feet to step onto and a soft, absorbent towel to dab yourself dry.

To make things even nicer, you could put the towel into the dryer for 10 minutes before you get in and hope that it’s still warm when you jump out.

#2: Luxurious Bathrobe

Woman Wearing Luxury Bath Robe

A luxurious bathrobe is a must have for any time of the day, but it works at its best when you’ve just had a relaxing bath. These could work as an absorbent garment that helps you get dry once you step out of the water but also keeps you wrapped up, warm, and comfortable when it’s done.

With the right bathrobe, you can carry the luxury of your spa experience with you for the rest of the day and it will keep the amazing scents of the water on it.

#1: Moisturizer

Sitting in hot water certainly feels hydrating, but your skin will dry out the instant you get emerge and may even feel drier than when you went it. Have an oil-based body moisturizer ready that you can apply when you step out of the bath and try to lather it on before your skin has started to dry out completely.

This helps to trap the moisture in and ensure you’re reaping the benefits of your bath for hours after it’s done.

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