Bamboo Viscose Robe by Texere Review

Bamboo Viscose Robe by Texere

It's important to feel comfortable at home whether you're just getting out of the shower or relaxing on the couch in the morning. However, even the comfiest lounging clothing can be a bit restricting and not allow your body to breathe properly.

One staple in a woman's closet is a luxurious bathrobe! This easy to wear garment will keep you warm while giving you the breeze your body needs in all temperatures. By simply wrapping the robe around yourself, you can relax in luxury and feel at ease.

Your robe covers you in all the right places so you can answer the door, enjoy a cup of coffee outside, or read the paper in the morning. You'll also love a comfy robe after a bath or shower to get ready for a good night's sleep.

TexereSilk provides a range of high-quality robes for women to pamper themselves with any time of the day. These versatile garments come in a range of fun colors and sizes to fit and flatter all shapes. Feel free to feel cozy in the right robe from this stunning collection.

Bamboo Viscose Robe by Texere

TexereSilk provides soft and durable lounge wear for both men and women. With high-quality craftsmanship including bamboo, cotton, and silk fabrics, The TexereSilk brand prides itself on durable and long-lasting pajamas, cotton shirts, and of course, robes!

This American company is known for its comfort and exceptional customer service. The Texere brand is more than just leisurewear; it's a lifestyle!

About The Product

Alexander Del Rossa is one of the most famed names in intimate clothing, with everything from lingerie to deluxe bathrobes being offered by this brand. Their women’s range of bathrobes is an absolute luxury and caters to the needs of women everywhere with products that are stylish, comfortable, and well within the price range of what most women can afford.

When you make the choice to trust this prestigious brand with your bathrobe, you’ll get such features as:

Features of the Women's Luxury Terry Cloth Robe - Bamboo Viscose Robe by Texere

  • ​70% bamboo viscose / 30% cotton blend material in every robe

    This durable blend is comfortable and eco-friendly for all to enjoy. Bamboo fibers are economical and naturally grown.

  • Terry cloth luxury robe with 3/4 kimono style sleeves for women

    A feminine design is suitable for all seasons to wear indoors and out!

  • A shawl collar, two patch pockets, belt with double loops, and inside modesty tie bedecks this garment.

    These functional accents create a fashionable appeal with versatile wear.

  • Hypoallergenic design

    No fear of itchy or irritating skin, this robe is suitable to all types.
  • Biodegradable bamboo fibers

    The natural fibers make a recyclable robe...not like you'll want to get rid of it at all!


Overview of The Texere Women's Luxury Terry Cloth Robe 

The Texere Women's Luxury Terry Cloth robe is certainly a sight to see.

With many different colors available, you can simply choose your favorite shade to accentuate your closet.

The cozy styling allows you to find a comfortable size to fit your figure.

Bamboo Viscose Robe by Texere

​A Few Pros:

Some of the many advantages of this woman's robe is its eco-friendly design. Bamboo fibers reduce your carbon footprint and are grown naturally for a sustainable and inexpensive design.

Another pro is the ease of wearing this robe. Multiple ties allow you to adjust this luxury robe with ease. The fabric wicks off moisture to make an odor free design. Hypoallergenic aspects won’t irritate your skin and the unique blend is known to reduce odor.

​A Few Cons:

However, this women's bathrobe may require some extra maintenance. Robes with bamboo fibers are suggested to be washed in a machine with cold water. A dryer sheet will decrease absorbance for a bouncy and lightweight feel. The detailed piping is also a bit fragile and may need to be monitored after being in the dryer.

What You'll Get From the Women's Luxury Terry Cloth Robe by Texere

This luxury bathrobe is an efficient design for a woman who is conscious about the environment and looking for a lightweight robe to wear at any hour of the day. This robe would be perfect to don after a shower and keep you cozy before you get dressed.

Find a robe that doesn't hit your feet for the perfect sizing. You'll want to feel comfortable at home. The belt aspects allow you to hang your robe in the bathroom for easy retrieval.

Bamboo Viscose Robe by Texere

Overall for this Product...

The classic appeal makes this luxury garment bathrobe an exceptional gift for the special women in your life. Soft fibers and a comfortable wear will make any man almost want to grab this luxury item as their own What's more, this robe will last for years and doesn't need many replacements to look chic and sexy whether it's morning or night wear.

Yet it May Seem...

A minority of reviewers have complained about the stitching coming undone and the robe being a little ragged after washing. You'll need to follow washing instructions and keep an eye on any wear and tear. A skilled tailor can patch your luxury bathrobe if you don’t want to break out the needle and thread yourself.

The Final Say

The Texere Women's Luxury Terry Cloth Bathrobe is a soft and silky garment that will make any woman feel pampered. Easily pick the color and size to make you feel comfy in your own home and let your casual look do the talking.

You deserve to feel pampered and anyone would be lucky to gift you this fantastic robe as a Christmas or birthday present. Relax in style and enjoy your leisure time with this lush robe for her.

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