The Buying Guide To The Best Bathrobe

The Buying Guide To The Best Bathrobe

There’s nothing quite like spending quality time at home and relaxing, whether it’s first thing in the morning as you read the newspaper and have a hot cup of coffee, or lounging around at night reading a book before you snuggle into bed.

Woman in a cashmere bathrobe.

Even better, all of these relaxing activities can be made ultimately better when you’re wearing a fluffy bathrobe that you’ve chosen to meet your desires specifically.

Considering how much use you’ll get out of your bathrobe, choosing the best bathrobe for him and her is usually a completely separate endeavor due to the many differences in opinion we have over what comfort really is.

Whether you’ve never owned a luxury bathrobe before, or you’re simply looking to upgrade from the one you’ve owned for years, we’ve compiled a thorough buying guide that can help you separate the good from the bad.

We will show you the top features to consider so you can benefit most from your bathrobe, and get the maximum comfort and relaxation levels possible.

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Product Name Our Rating Check Price
Best Woman’s Bathrobe

Alexander Del Rossa Woman’s Fleece Bathrobe


Towel Selections Turkish Cotton Woman’s Bathrobe


Just Love Kimono Women’s Bathrobe

Best  Men’s Bathrobe
TowelSelections Turkish Cotton Men’s Bathrobe VIEW ON AMAZON

Hanes Men’s Soft Touch Fleece Bathrobe


The Benefits Of Having A Quality Bathrobe

So, what’s the big deal about having a bathrobe and why do so many people have at least one of these luxury garments in their closet? If you have to ask, it’s likely that you’ve never owned one before, because for most people once they purchase their very first bathrobe there’s no turning back to a life without one.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can experience from owning the best bathrobe for you:


This is the main reason why people enjoy bathrobes so much, due to the immediate feeling of comfort and luxury you get when you slip into one.

Usually made from soft materials such as fleece, a bathrobe is an instant source of comfort for the wearer and can significantly improve your mood after a long day.


When you slip into your bathrobe there’s no denying how good you look, thanks to their effortlessly cool factor. A simple white bathrobe is an understated but classic look that suits all genders, body types, ages, and backgrounds, and can give your ego a boost when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

Baby Blue Del Rossa Womens Fleece Robe


Although not all bathrobes have been designed for particularly cold situations, it is possible to purchase one for this need. Bathrobes made from fleece and polyester are ideal for keeping breezes out and temperatures up, so much so that you can even save on heating costs at home when wearing yours.


As one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you’ll ever own, you’ll find that there’s really no situation around the home where you can’t wear your bathrobe. These garments are great when you first get out of bed, to slip into after a hot shower, to wear when guests are visiting, and to relax on the couch in each evening with a book and a cup of tea.


There aren’t many items of clothing as easy to put on as your bathrobe, and they’re not only easy to tie into but easy to work with all other clothes too. Some people wear their bathrobe alone as a simple outfit, and others layer it over their pajamas for an extra level of comfort and luxury.

Features To Look For In The Best Bathrobe

Shopping around for the best bathrobe for her or him is a highly personal experience, as everyone has their own ideas on what comfortable really means.

Grey Hanes Men's Soft Touch Cozy Fleece Robe

As the main purpose of these luxurious garments is to create warmth and comfort for the wearer, you need to consider all of the possible features before finding one that’s a perfect fit for you or that special someone in your life.


The best bathrobe material will depend on the user and what they’re wearing it for. However, most commonly bathrobes are made from either cotton or polyester fleece.

Cotton bathrobes are ideal for those looking for an absorbent robe they can wear out of the shower, whereas fleece and polyester are better at plushness and warmth.


The size of a bathrobe usually refers to two things: the length and the waist. Ensure you check the exact specifications of any bathrobe you purchase to see if the sizing is true, as you might need to shop around to get the right one. The length is usually either to the ground or just below the knee, depending on what you find most comfortable.


This is a huge design feature for many, as the weight will determine how comfortable and cool you will be. A thicker and heavier fleece robe will be better at keeping you warm, whereas something cotton is usually lightweight and ideal for staying covered and comfortable in warm weather.


Always check the cleaning instructions before purchasing a robe, as some made from fleece and other delicate materials may require gentle cleaning. Consider how often you’ll be wearing your robe to determine how often it will need to be cleaned, and what type of activities you’ll be doing while you wear it.


Every robe has been designed differently, with the main features being the collar and waist. The kimono relaxed collar is a popular style, as too is the shawl design, but it all depends on how you like to be covered. Most robes come with a belt which ties around looped holes through the waist, ensuring it to fit all different sizes.

Woman in gray bathrobe.

Best Men’s And Women’s Bathrobe

Once you know all of the important features to look for in the best bathrobe, it makes it easier to narrow down the search to those of the best quality and most comfortable. We’ve scoured the web to find you the highest rated and affordable bathrobes that offer the ideal blend of comfort, style, and luxury, in both women’s designs.

Alexander Del Rossa Woman’s Fleece Bathrobe

For the woman who likes absolute luxury in everything she wears and does, you have no other option but to choose a fleece robe. The Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Fleece Robe can offer this absolute luxury and is ideal for the woman who appreciates the finer things in life, especially in her bedclothes and lingerie.

Purple Del Rossa Womens Fleece Robe

Our Rating

The Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Fleece Robe comes in a range of stylish colors intended to suit every woman, with everything from a navy blue design with a cream contrast collar, or a plain burgundy robe that looks like it was made for a royal.

You’re guaranteed to find a style that suits the special lady in your life, or best of all if you’re shopping for yourself there’ll be no shortage of designs and colors that you like.

This robe comes in sizes from Small to XXXX-Large, however many of the online customers have found that they run a little large.

Depending on how you like to wear your robe, you might want to shop a size down, but if you prefer the roomy and comfortable feel to the closer fitting bathrobe, then stick to your most genuine size.

Regardless of the size you choose, though, you’ll be amazed at how incredibly soft this robe feels on your skin.

For many people, fleece is the only way to go when choosing a bathrobe, and the Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Fleece Robe ticks all of the boxes for a premium garment.

Made from 15 ounce polar fleece, you could even cut some costs to your heating bills by wearing this robe around in the colder weather, as it has the ability to keep you super warm even if you’re wearing nothing underneath.

The design of the Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Fleece Robe is elegant and classical and would be the perfect garment to slip into as you wake up each morning.

Even if you have guests staying and want to feel covered up but presentable in the evenings, this is the perfect accessory. Alexander Del Rossa is known for creating premium accessories to suit the needs of women, and this bathrobe is certainly no exception.

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Towel Selections Turkish Cotton Woman’s Bathrobe

When you think of bathrobes, there’s usually one main material that comes to mind: terry cloth. This amazing material is known for its super absorbent qualities, making the Towel Selections Turkish Cotton Terry Cloth Robe one of the top choices for women looking for a robe with a bit of versatility.

Many women could happily wear their Towel Selections Robe when they jump out of the shower, as it acts just like a towel enveloping you and drying you off from the water.

Otherwise, you can wear it as a simple garment to lounge around the house, read the morning paper, or just something simple to slip into after your bath each night.

This bathrobe is durable and lightweight while also being warm and comforting, so it has everything you could ever ask for.

For those women looking for a bathrobe that will keep them warm in winter, this really isn’t the best choice, and it might be ideal to look for something longer and in fleece.

However, you’ll be surprised at how comfortable and warm the durable but lightweight terry cloth is against your skin, and you have the option of wearing it alone or as something over your bedclothes at home.

Turkish Cotton Terry Kimono Bathrobe


Our Rating

The Towel Selections Terry Cloth Robe is made from 100% Turkish cotton which makes it luxurious but reliable, and in comes in a range of colors to suit every style and mood of a woman.

The robe runs from XS to XXL sizing and most women have found it to be a perfect fit that runs true to size. This means there’s no guessing whether or not it will be a right fit for you, you simply have to shop your usual size. This is an affordable, durable, but luxurious feeling bathrobe and would suit the woman looking for something more practical in their bedclothes.

Towel Selections are known for creating ideal products for both men and women, and in particular bathrobes, so you can put your trust in them to deliver a quality garment just as they’ve done with the Turkish Cotton Terry Towel Bathrobe.

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Just Love Kimono Women’s Bathrobe

When you’re looking for something simple yet luxurious to lounge around the house in, but you don’t have a fortune to spend, you can turn to Just Love for their range of amazingly stylish robes and pajamas.

Just Love Kimono Robe.


Our Rating

The Just Love Kimono Robe is one of their most popular styles, made from rich velour to give that soft and cozy feel, but staying well under the cost of most other bathrobes for women.

For those looking for a robe to wick away moisture, you might be better suited for something made from cotton or terry cloth.

The Just Love Kimono Robe s made from velour which feels like a soft fleece and is more intended to keep you warm rather than dry, so don’t go putting it on straight out of the shower.

The Just Love Kimono Robe is a shorter style of robe, so while the soft velour will keep you warm it’s great for those hotter days where you still want the comfort and luxury of your favorite robe.

There are plenty of stylish colors to choose from including black or lilac, and the material is pressed with a chevron finish for something out of the ordinary and contemporary.

This is certainly one of the more affordable women’s bathrobes, so you could easily purchase a couple in different colors to keep them ready around the house. Otherwise, they make a great gift idea for the woman in your life, and because they look stylish and feel durable and soft, they’ll never know just how much of a bargain they were.

Just Love has a range of clothing for men, women, and kids, all designed to offer practicality and comfort together. This stylish kimono robe is one of their top sellers, and it’s no wonder due to how luxurious it feels, the durability of its material, and the modern design when compared to other bathrobes.

For a robe that feels and looks more modern and youthful, you can’t go past the Just Love Kimono Bathrobe.


TowelSelections Turkish Cotton Men’s Bathrobe

When you’re shopping around for a men’s bathrobe, you might find that many of the styles are more suited to women. Most men are looking for a robe that can offer comfort and luxury, without giving away any of their masculinity, and that’s precisely what the Towel Selections Men’s Kimono Robe can offer.

The design of this robe has a relaxed collar that gives the appearance of a Japanese kimono and sits around knee length on most men.

The waist is quite large and wide to suit all shapes and sizes, giving a roomy feel that is comfortable but secure at the same time.

These robes come in a range of colors to suit every type of man from dark blue to ash, so there’s something for each taste, and it has a handy tie around the waist to keep you covered up when you need it.

You’ll need to take extra care when washing your Towel Selections Men’s Kimono Robe as some users have found it to start shedding a little when washed on a regular machine cycle, so stick to a gentle wash when you can.

TowelSelections Men’s Robe, Turkish Cotton

Our Rating

However, as most robes are used in the morning and evening when we don’t work up much of a sweat it’s likely you won’t need to wash it often.

However, because it’s made from Turkish Cotton and terry toweling you’ll find it completely absorbent for those times you just want to hop out of the shower and wear your robe.

Towel Selections are known for making comfortable and practical clothing for the whole family, and their range of pajamas and bathrobes for men are particularly ideal. This is the best choice of men’s bathrobe for the man who wants to feel luxury without going over the top, all packaged in a simple but elegant design.

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Hanes Men’s Soft Touch Fleece Bathrobe

For the man who favors comfort and luxury above all else, you can’t go past the Hanes Men’s Soft Touch Fleece Robe. This has been made with the finest materials to bring you a plush and soft robe that will envelop you in warmth and luxury, and you’ll be so cozy that you’ll never want to take it off.

Blue Hanes Men's Soft Touch Cozy Fleece Robe


Our Rating

This is the perfect robe to slip into first thing in the morning, and lounge around in at night either reading a book or watching TV.

The design of the Hanes Men’s Soft Touch Fleece Robe is pure elegance, with a classic shawl styling that will sit comfortably on even the broadest of shoulders.

Some users have found the robe to fit a little small, so if you’re worried about a larger than standard waist or being taller than average then you might want to shop for the next size up.

The fleece used in the Hane’s Men’s Soft Touch Robe is of the highest quality, and when dressed with the right pajamas you’ll find yourself so warm that you can save on heating costs.

The polyester material used to make the fleece means it blocks the wind out better than cotton, so those in particularly cold climates will enjoy it.

However, if you’re feeling a little warm you can simply undo the tie waist and let the cool breeze in.

Hanes are no strangers to making comfortable and durable clothes for the entire family, and there’s nothing to say that men should miss out on the luxury of a quality bathrobe. With this plush and soft bathrobe in your closet, you’ll never want to leave the house or the comfort of your favorite new garment, all thanks to Hanes.

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Final Verdict

Shopping around for the best bathrobe is probably one of the more enjoyable purchases you’ll make, as just reading the features of these luxurious items is enough to increase your comfort level.

When you choose the right type of bathrobe for your needs, taking into consideration your surroundings, favorite materials, and other features, you’ll find yourself a garment that gets daily use for many years to come.

When it comes to the best women’s bathrobe, the clear choice for us was the Towel Selections Turkish Cotton Kimono.

Not only was this the most luxurious, but it was also durable, and was able to wick away moisture with ease and keep the owner cozy and warm.

Although there were some other great options, this robe was far more versatile than the rest and seemed to stand the washing machine test best.

For men, the number one pick is the Towel Selections Men’s Kimono Bathrobe.

Comfy white bathrobe.

This robe features the same great design that it did for women but in a man’s style, and is comfortable, lightweight, and durable enough to wear around the home whatever you might be doing. Although the Fleece Robe by Hanes was a close second, you just can’t deny the quality of a good Towel Selections Bathrobe.

No matter which of these luxurious robes you choose, you’ll be seriously impressed by the comfort factor they bring into your lives. With the right robe in your closet, you’ll have a wonderful garment to wake up to and one to help you relax and unwind in at night, making this one of the most versatile and rewarding items of clothing you’ll ever own.




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