Bund Women’s Pure Colour Short Satin Kimono Robes with Oblique V-Neck Review

Bund Women's Pure Colour Short Satin Kimono Robes

Can a woman's bathrobe do more than keep her warm, cover up a nightgown or offer a covering should someone arrive at the front door without warning as the lady of the house is about to get into the shower? The answer is yes. Robes have literally been around for thousands of years, but the most luxurious styles are said to have originated in Asia where silk was first discovered in the 3rd Century BC.

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As Asia’s passion for silk extended beyond China thanks to the opening of the Silk Road in the 2nd Century BC, robes became indicators of social status.

People belonging to the highest classes could broadcast their wealth based on the intricate designs and the size of their silk bathrobe collections—some of which were worn outside the home while others were strictly for lounging behind closed doors.

But a funny thing happened over time as the kimono-style robe became the dominant silhouette and a wardrobe staple in a growing number of locations around the world: Robe wearers realized that they could adopt the kimono-style robe without requiring the bolts of silk once necessary to produce this garment.

Instead, cotton, linen and eventually synthetics were employed to make kimonos, bringing the style to the masses while offering affordable alternatives to anyone eager to own this classic robe. Thousands of years have passed since the woman’s bathrobe became a wardrobe necessity, thus designs on today’s market don’t look much different than styles made centuries ago. That’s the beauty of classic design.

About The Bund Short Satin Kimono Robe

When it comes to intimate wear, the sky’s the limit when a woman is alone or in the company of family members because outsiders aren't around to judge one's lingerie choices.

Thus every woman can decide for herself which robe styles to select--but in fact, the kimono silhouette has remained popular with women of all ages, thus the Bund Women’s satin kimono robe attracted fans as soon as these robes appeared on the market.

This luxe Bund kimono robe is an inexpensive way for a woman to pamper herself and brand fans aren’t hesitant to admit that wearing one makes them feel like a member of the ruling class the moment Bund’s silk-feel kimonos touch their skin.

The elegant V-neck design is simple and uncluttered and you wouldn’t be the first person to tell a fib about the fabric, because this polyester material feels so much like real silk, you don't have to tell the truth unless you insist.

Lightweight and available in a rainbow of 22 colors, this Bund Kimono wrap may feel like a silk bathrobe, but it doesn’t behave like one.

While dry cleaning is recommended, women purchasing these affordable robes say they are perfectly comfortable treating their garment to a machine wash using cold water and a gentle cycle.

Others like to hand wash and hang their kimono on a hanger to dry so they can smooth out the two side pockets, belt loops and inside ties before letting nature take its course.

We’re not exaggerating when we say that this Bund kimono robe is so popular, women buy more than one when they place an order so they never have to walk about in an old robe because their favourite Bund kimono has yet to dry.

Features Of The Bund Short Satin Kimono Robe

    • Color availability is impressive; if you can’t find a color you love within this 22-hue palette it may not exist.
    • Pricing is so affordable, shoppers ask if it’s correct. As a result, owning more than one of these gorgeous kimono robes won’t empty your wallet.
    • This Bund woman’s bathrobe is a perfect pick for wedding and special occasions when girls gather to celebrate. It can be embroidered with fanciful designs, dates or occasions.
    • This kimono won’t irritate or annoy sensitive skin because the fabric is so soothing and soft. Some fans say this robe makes them feel like they're not wearing a thing. 
    • This robe comes in 6 sizes (S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL). Plus size women are some of the most enthusiastic customers Bund caters to when the company picks and ships robe orders.
    • Robe lengths, sash lengths and sleeve lengths are graduated so women enjoy a better fit, whether they’re tall or short.
    • Men smart enough to know how much this Bund kimono robe style appeals to the women in their lives have nothing but positive things to say about their "favourite gift secret."



  • ​This robe looks great on every woman because the style is classic, the cut is roomy and construction is solid.
  • ​You’d be surprised how many pricey robes don’t even come with pockets!
  • ​Can be taken to an embroiderer for customizing if bought for a special occasion like a prom or wedding.
  • check
    Fits the budgets of women of all ages and stages of life.
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    Bund robes are made in Asia where the very first kimonos were hand-crafted centuries ago.


  • ​Check your body measurements carefully before ordering so you don’t have to worry if the fit isn’t quite right. When in doubt, order one or two sizes larger than you normally wear.
  • ​This lightweight kimono is not necessarily manufactured for wear in cold weather.
  • ​Expect to reveal lots of cleavage due to the way this robe is cut. If you like to flaunt it, you’ll be happy!
  • For picky women, even 22 color choices may not be enough.
  • Fabric is fragile so be careful of how you pack and store your Bund robe if you want to avoid wrinkling.

What You’ll Get From Your Bund Short Satin Kimono Robe

You know the special feeling you get when you pick out something for your wardrobe that you’ve been craving, but it took a while to purchase it because it remained an illusive guilty pleasure? That’s how you are going to feel the moment you open the package and get your hands on your very first Bund kimono.

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The colors are bound to surpass your expectations and we have it on good authority that it’s hard to keep from stroking the fabric on this sophisticated robe because it’s just that soft and luxurious.

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says, ‘the reign of every emperor or empress starts the moment he or she dons new robes,’ and that’s exactly how you’re going to feel.

​Wear your kimono after stepping from the bath or shower, throw it on to prepare breakfast and slide it on when you sit at your makeup mirror.

The neckline won’t attract makeup stains because the robe’s opening is large enough to allow you apply lotions, potions and cosmetics artfully.

The inside ties allow you to adjust the robe accordingly so it’s comfortable and not binding, and if you’re already a big fan of pockets, these two roomy ones could become your favorite feature.

Belt loops make sure outer ties stay put and this luxe robe won’t take up much room in your lingerie drawer. In fact, finding negative things to say about the Bund Women’s Kimono Robe can be difficult, though you’re welcome to try!

How To Get Your Bund Short Satin Kimono Robe

If you want to avoid the stores altogether and get yourself a cozy bathrobe, you can head straight to Amazon for a great deal on the Bund Short Satin Kimono Robe.

You can get yourself one of these amazing robes ranging from around $9 - $16 depending on the size and design you choose, so it’s far more affordable than other luxury brands you’ll find in the store.

When you order through Amazon you also get the benefit of having it shipped directly to your door for no extra cost, and this is the case whether you buy one or more.

Just one purchase will last for many years, regardless of how often you wear your robe through the day.

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Final Thoughts

The Bund Women's Pure Colour Short Satin Kimono Robe isn’t perfect but it sure comes close-—especially given the affordable pricing that’s attached to this multi-color robe collection. Bund has been in the business of fabricating women’s robes long enough to understand what shoppers seek in a woman's bathrobe and fans of the brand say designers never disappoint.

Can you spend more cash to buy another brand? Of course. But, why do that when you can have your pick of this many colors and own a Bund woman's bathrobe that’s as flattering and useful as this whisper-soft kimono happens to be?

Whether your desire is to look sexy and adorable--or you just like the comfort of a soft, lightweight kimono that makes you feel like a member of a Chinese dynasty--this Bund bathrobe is a perfect pick for yourself, for the women in your life—-and it deserves to be on your list of gifts for the next special occasion on your calendar.

As one bride said after ordering several for the women in her wedding party, “My attendants had already spent a fortune on bridesmaid’s gowns, so it was a pleasure to find this affordable robe that looks so elegant. My girls were delighted so I took a moment to congratulate myself on making such an excellent gift decision!"

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