Hanes Men’s Fleece Bathrobe Review

Hines Men’s Fleece Bathrobe Review

When you’re constantly on the move and living a stressful and busy life, you need to embrace the little things that can bring you comfort and relaxation. For some they might like to meditate, others read books, and the rest find their comfort with soft and comforting clothes and blankets.

Grey Hanes Men's Soft Touch Cozy Fleece Robe

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A luxurious fleece robe is one of the simplest ways to treat your body and mind after a hard day and can give you an instant change of mood just by slipping into it.

With the right robe in your collection, you can get a feeling of luxury, relaxation, and warmth, no matter how you wear it or what clothes you wear it with.

When you’re searching for a soft fleece robe to suit men specifically, though, the search can be a little harder.

Although there are plenty of men out there who could benefit from a luxurious robe, there just doesn’t seem to be many out there that offer the comfort, durability, and style that men need from these types of clothes.

The Hanes range of men’s bathrobes have been designed with the modern man in mind, and offer a way to give you absolute luxury without losing any of the masculinity you like. These soft fleece robes are the perfect complement to any wardrobe that will suit you from morning to night, and keep you warm and stylish no matter what you’re doing at home.

About The Product

Hanes is one of the most trusted names in clothing for the entire family, with pajamas, underwear, and more all designed to suit every man, woman, and child. Their bathrobes are particularly popular, with a range designed for men that encapsulate the masculinity of the modern man with the style and comfort that every needs to help them relax each day.

When you make the decision to invest in a Hanes Men’s Soft Touch Fleece Robe or treat the man in your life to a bit of luxury, you’ll be getting:

Features Of The Hanes Men’s Soft Touch Cozy Fleece Robe

  • 100% polyester to make soft, warm fleece
  • Classic shawl style and drop collar to suit a man’s shape
  • Fabric belt with adjustable loops and two front pockets
  • One size fits all and charcoal or navy colors
  • Machine washable for easy care and maintenance


The Hanes Men’s Soft Touch Fleece Robe is ideal for all kinds of weather but works particularly well in colder climates to keep you rugged up.

This bathrobe would suit all kinds of men, but those who care about style and comfort will be sure to benefit most, with an expensive look on an affordable budget.

If you’re looking for a simple approach to a bathrobe but don’t want to sacrifice on softness, quality, and style, look no further than the Hanes Men’s Soft Touch Fleece Robe.

This robe is a perfect fit for all types of men and offers an instant source of comfort and relaxation for all who wear it.

Blue Hanes Men's Soft Touch Cozy Fleece Robe

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The Good And Bad Of The Hanes Men’s Fleece Robe

This is one of the softer bathrobes around, so if you’ve tried terry towel and other cotton varieties and found it just wasn’t plush enough, fleece might be the material you’ve been looking for.

For those living in colder climates, you’ll find you can significantly save on heating costs when you’re wearing your warm fleece bathrobe from Hanes, so it pays for itself in reduced energy bills.

Cozy Fleece Robe

The Hanes Men’s Fleece Bathrobe sits just below the knee, which means you can get more done around the house without feeling like you’re trapped under a heavy robe.

It’s just long enough to keep you covered, but not so much that you won’t be comfortable walking down to get the paper from your lawn or relaxing on the lounge at night.

If you’re a man who wants some options in terms of color and style, you might want to keep shopping. Hanes only makes this fleece robe as a one size fits all option, so it won’t look the same on everyone.

In addition, there are only two colors to choose from in gray or charcoal so you’re fairly limited to what you can choose, but these darker shades should suit most men.

How To Buy A Hanes Men’s Fleece Bathrobe

When you’re ready to live in absolute comfort and want to invest in the Hanes Men’s Fleece Bathrobe, you can head to Amazon for a great bargain. Right now, you can get one of these luxurious bathrobes for around $35 which includes free shipping direct to your home.

If you like them so much, you can even order more than one and gift one to a friend or just have one hanging around for backup.

The Hanes Men’s Fleece Bathrobe has been made in a one size fits all design, so it should be ideal for most.

However, if your bathrobe arrives and you find it’s not the perfect fit, Hanes allows for free returns with your money back so there’s no need to worry.

Amazon reports that most of their customers were happy with the fit, though, so most men should find it comfortable and cozy.

To really complete your luxurious new look, you could invest in a pair of quality men’s slippers as well.

Hanes Men's Soft Touch Cozy Fleece Robe

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With your Hanes Bathrobe and some cozy new slippers on your feet, you can guarantee absolute warmth and comfort while lounging around the house.

Final Thoughts

When you’re ready to treat yourself to a garment that can bring warmth, coziness, and relaxation all in the one item, you’ll want to purchase the Hanes Men’s Fleece Bathrobe. This amazing stylish bathrobe ticks all of the boxes of functionality too, so you’ll not only look great wearing it but feel great too.

To add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe and save yourself a fortune on heating bills, click here to purchase the stylish Hanes Men’s Fleece Bathrobe. With just one simple product, you can enhance your relaxation time at home and ensure you’re always at your most comfortable when you’re hanging around the house.

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