Noble Mount Men’s Premium Coral Microfleece Plush Spa/Bath Robe Review

​Bathrobes are the key to comfort. When you are relaxing at home, or need to quickly cover up, a bathrobe ensures both comfort and coverage.

​This understated, yet luxurious item embodies rest and relaxation -- when you think of the spa, or specifically a relaxing massage, you might also envision a soft, fluffy robe.

Noble Mount Mens Premium Coral Microfleece Plush Spa/Bath Robe

 Having a quality robe of your own will help you to relax at home, making any part of your daily routine more pleasant and less stressful. Whether it is the “outfit” you change into as soon as you get home from work -- after spending the day dressed in restrictive clothing -— or something to throw on after a shower, you will find that a bathrobe is your most versatile accessory -- and with the right bathrobe, you will definitely want to spend as much time wearing it as possible!

Noble Mount Men's Premium Coral Microfleece Plush Spa/Bath Robe

The Noble Mount Men's Premium Coral Microfleece Plush Spa/Bath Robe offers you a spa - quality robe at an affordable price that you will look forward to wearing. Its careful consideration to functionality and comfort are what makes it the best bathrobe.

​About the Noble Mount Men's Premium Coral Microfleece Plush Spa/Bath Robe

Noble Mount is a premium clothing and accessories brand that is known for their high - quality products and positive customer experience. The company was founded on Northwestern values of simplicity, environmental friendliness, innovation and hard-work, which is evident in all of their products. Their line of men's bathrobes offers the same standard of quality, comfort, and design.


  • ​100% Polyester -- Super soft, fluffy, and warm Premium Coral Microfleece Fabric
  • ​Lightweight, yet warm
  • ​Quality craftsmanship with excellent detailing
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    Finished with piping throughou
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    Includes self - tie waist belt with 2 loops on sides for coverage
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    Perfect gift item -- Comes pre - packaged in a gift box​
    The Noble Mount Men's Premium Coral Microfleece Plush Spa/Bath Robe has everything you are looking for in a mens bathrobe. This high - quality product is affordable, offering comfort and craftsmanship at an unbeatable price.

    Moreover, the robe is designed with comfort in mind. In fact, the plush material is soft and luxurious, yet lightweight, so, you will be pleasantly surprised how incredibly warm this robe is, without the added bulk.

    What you'll get:
    With a 4.7 - star rating on customer rating on Amazon, the Noble Mount Men's Premium Coral Microfleece Plush Robe gives you everything you need in a robe. Available in sizes small / medium and large / x - large -- this robe offers calf - length coverage and a 48 inch shawl collar, which allows it to accommodate a wide range of sizes.

    As indicated by customer reviews, 86% of customers found that the fit was as expected. What is nice is that if you are not sure what size would be best, you can consult the size chart that has been provided and see what other customers thought of the fit in the reviews. There is also a variety of colors to choose from that are sure to suit your style preferences.

    What makes this the best bathrobe for men is that its premium coral fleece material gives it a unique balance of softness and warmth, while still being lightweight and breathable. This allows you to comfortably wear the robe around the house, without overheating.

    The fine details of this top - rated robe make it not only functional, but dignified. The piped detailing along the shawl collar, cuffed sleeves, and pockets add an elegant touch to the design, as it cleanly finishes the edges of the seams while offering added durability.

    Further, its stylish look makes it something you would not mind being seen in if you choose to wear it around the house or while you visit the spa -- and this robe will keep you covered, should the doorbell ring unexpectedly while you are taking a shower.

    Likewise, this robe features a self - tie waist belt with two sturdy loops -- unlike many other robes available on the market, the belt loops are made of durable fleece material, instead of thread loops, which are unable to withstand the wear and tear from regular use.

    Thus, this product is designed to give you many years of comfort. Additionally, the two large, front pockets also add to the functionality of this robe, allowing you to use the pockets for carrying your toiletries or simply to carry your phone, or other essentials for a day of rest and relaxation.

    This robe offers quality craftsmanship at an affordable price, at just $59.99, you will save 40% off on the retail price.

    What is more? Another great feature of this product is that it is shipped to you pre - packaged in an elegant gift box. The robe comes wrapped in Noble Mount branded tissue paper for your convenience if you choose to send this robe as a gift to the man in your life. It will certainly make the perfect gift for just about any occasion!

Noble Mount Mens Premium Coral Microfleece Plush Spa/Bath Robe

Final Thoughts

A robe is truly one of the most versatile items in your closet, offering you comfort and warmth that most lounge wear is not able to bring you.

When choosing the best mens bathrobe, you will need to consider the fit, quality and type of fabric, and of course the sizing or fit of the robe. 

If you are looking for a men's robe that gives you both durability and comfort, the Men's Premium Coral Microfleece Plush Spa/Bath Robe from Noble Mount offers you that -- and so much more -- all at an affordable price.

From its sleek, stylish design to its elegant details, to its soft, luxurious fleece fabric, you will see why this product is one of the top - rated robes available on the market. Experience a new level of comfort in your own home by purchasing the Noble Mount Men's Premium Coral Microfleece Plush Bath Robe today!

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