Old Shanghai Women’s Silk Kimono Short Robe – Handpainted Review

Old Shanghai Women's Silk Kimono Short Robe - Handpainted

A women's bathrobe is a multi-functional item that everyone should own. It can be worn over nightwear, undergarments, clothing or simply as-is. Many people wear bathrobes for warmth, to dry off or as a convenient extra layer when not in bed. There are many types of bathrobes that each serve their own special function. Bathrobes come in cotton, wool, silk, cashmere and synthetic materials.

Old Shanghai Women's Silk Kimono Short Robe - Handpainted

Silk bathrobes are light-weight and elegant. They offer increased maneuverability with maximum style. Silk robes are perfect for a girls-night-in, watching tv, reading a book or anytime you just need to feel pampered and relaxed.

In the world of silk robes, the kimono is exotic, classy and beautiful. They are often hand painted, made of silk and come in bold colors. For many, a kimono is as much wearable art as it is a functional garment. One of the kimonos' trademarks are the wide, full sleeves. They also usually have a silk sash.

Kimonos have been worn in China and Japan since ancient times. They have always symbolized wealth and good upbringing. Over the years the kimono has changed in appearance and style. However, the beauty, decoration and signature sleeves have always been an important aspect of the overall design.

About The Product

The Old Shanghai silk kimono robe feels luxurious against the skin. It is extremely feminine and comes with a silk sash closure. The light-weight silk kimono bathrobe is ideal for summer or warmer climates. Due to the material, silk robes are not ideal for drying off after a shower. They are more of a lounge robe. This robe is also perfect when you aren’t ready to get dressed in the morning or relaxing after a long day's work. It is modest yet sexy, perfect to wear around the house.

This women's bathrobe is elegant and versatile. For the price, they are exceptional quality. They are virtually the best bathrobe on the market. The Old Shanghai silk bathrobes are easily purchased as a gift for that special woman in your life. They make ideal anniversary, birthday or wedding present. With this wonderful bathrobe, you get the quality of a designer brand without the price tag.

Features This Robe Offers

    This women's bathrobe is 100 percent real silk. It is extremely soft and luxurious. Each one is hand-painted and unique. The hand-painting features traditional lotus flower and crane motif.

    Each robe is painted by a master artisan and inspired by well-known traditional art. It comes with a silk tie closure. It is one size fits most. It also has French seams.

    Pros and Cons Of The Old Shanghai Kimono Robe


    • Each Robe is hand-painted.
    • The robe is made from 100 percent real silk.
    • This bathrobe is stitched with French seams.
    • Comes with a silk sash closure.
    • This robe is beautiful to look at and feels incredible.
    • Comes in a variety of colors.


    • This robe is one size fits most. It is designed to fit up to 43 inches at the chest and hip. This may be too small for some more curvaceous women.
    • The short robe measures 37.5 inches in length. This falls about mid-thigh to just above the knee for most women. Depending on how you like your robes to fit, this could be too short. They do make a long version for those that like a longer robe.
    • The sash tends to slip, as it is also made of silk.
    • Some wearers have found the sash to be placed too high on the body of the robe. It can hit at an awkward place for some women.
    • The manufacturer recommends dry-cleaning this garment. However, some customers have hand washed the kimono in cold water with satisfactory results. The hand-painted portions may run or bleed if hand washed.
    • There is not a loop at the neck to hang the robe.
    • It does not have pockets.

What You Receive with the Old Shanghai Silk Kimono Short Robe

Old Shanghai Women's Silk Kimono Short Robe - Handpainted

​With the Old Shanghai silk kimono short robe, you will receive an elegant and well-made guilty pleasure. It comes well folded and packaged. It comes with a silk sash.

The colors are deep and vibrant. The hand-painted portions are unique and expertly painted. You will not need to look elsewhere if you are searching for the best bathrobe available. For the price, style and quality, there is not a better option.

Final Thoughts

Ideal for those wanting a soft, comfortable and elegant robe, the Old Shanghai kimono short robe is perfect. It is sexy but classy. It would make a wonderful gift without breaking the bank. This silk bathrobe is available in a variety of color options, so everyone is sure to love them. The silk and hand-painting are of high quality. It is a beautiful robe at a decent price. Most people end up buying more than one.

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