Towel Selections Men’s Bathrobe Review

Towel Selections Men’s Bathrobe Review

There’s no denying how hard we all work in the daily grind, and after a long day building up a sweat or crunching numbers in the office we need a way to relax. However, finding something that’s comforting for men without losing a masculine touch can be tricky, so many of us just decide not to treat themselves and never get a chance to blow off some steam.

Just as important as it is for women to unwind, though, so too is the case for men. Especially at the end of the day when you’re lounging around at home, there’s often something missing that can put the finishing touches on a truly relaxing evening.

TowelSelections Men’s Robe, Turkish Cotton


One simple solution to this problem is investing in a quality men’s robe, and one that’s been built for durability and comfort. While you might not think that sounds masculine enough, it’s actually extremely manly and something that great men through history have enjoyed.

Whether it was to help them unwind after a long day or greet them when they wake up in the morning and read the daily newspaper, the robe has long been a symbol of masculinity and comfort.

Now you’re able to get a stylish men’s robe for yourself that’s made from the highest quality, breathable, but luxurious material, and all within the budget of the everyday man. The Men’s Kimono Robe from Towel Selections is just the robe you’ve been looking for, as it ticks all of these boxes and more.

About The Product

If you’ve ever shopped around for a bathrobe before, you’ve likely already heard of the Towel Selections name before.

Red bathrobe.

This brand is synonomous with creating bath towels and robes that are durable, comfortlable, and affordable, and their Men’s Kimono made from Turkish Cotton is no exception to these standards.

For those men who are looking for a comfortable garment to wear around the home, and one that suits all occasions and times of the day, a bath robe could be just what you’ve been searching for.

They’re the first thing you slip into as you walk down to the get the daily newspaper, and they’re the last thing you wear at night after relaxing on the couch and taking an energizing shower.

When you shop with Towel Selections, you’ll be ensuring that you get the best quality bathrobes available for both men and women.

Their Men’s Kimono Turkish Cotton Bathrobe Features

  • 100% Turkish cotton terry towel material
  • Lightweight design with a kimono style collar
  • Sizes range from small to extra extra large
  • Machine washable and suitable for tumble dry
  • Dual front pockets and belt for security and comfort

If you’ve searched around for the best men’s bathrobe and keep coming up short in one way or another, you’ll be happy to have finally found the Towel Selections Men’s Kimono Bathrobe for your collection.


The Pros And Cons Of The Towel Selections Bathrobe

This is one of the more masculine styles of bathrobe around, for those men who want to be comfortable and relaxed without feeling like they’re wearing something too feminine.

It feels durable but also soft, so it’s the perfect garment for slipping into after a shower or wearing around the house before work as you read the paper.

If you’re looking for a luxurious fleece feeling bathrobe that’s more about how soft it is than anything else, this isn’t the choice for you.

The Towel Selections Men’s Kimono Bathrobe is made from 100% Turkish cotton and terry toweling which means it’s more of the absorbent and durable type of material.

The sizing of the Towel Selections Men’s Kimono runs a little larger around the waist compared to their women’s range, which is ideal for most men’s body shapes.

TowelSelections Men’s Robe, Turkish Cotton

There’s no need to worry about getting a size up with this brand, as it seems to be a near perfect fit for most of the customers who left reviews.

Buying Your Towel Selections Men’s Kimono Robe

For the man who hates shopping around stores, you’ll be happy to know that you can get the Towel Selections Men’s Kimono Robe online through Amazon for a great price. When you purchase today, you can get just one robe for under $30 and up to $35 depending on size, which is a saving of over 40%.

TowelSelections Men’s Robe, Turkish Cotton Terry Kimono Bathrobe, Made in Turkey

When you shop through Amazon, you’ll also receive free shipping when you purchase more than one robe so they make a great gift idea for the man in your life.

There is a range of colors to choose from all different sizes, so you won’t have problems finding the perfect one.

Otherwise, you could purchase a couple for yourself so you always have one clean and ready to wear when you’re lounging around at home.

If you purchase through Amazon and find that the sizing isn’t to your liking, you can get free returns for another Towel Selections Men’s Kimono Robe until you find one that fits perfectly.

This means there’s no need to worry about ordering online and getting the wrong size, as you get the chance to try it for yourself.

Final Verdict

For those men who have been shopping around to find the perfect bathrobe, you can stop your search now that you’ve found the Towel Selections Men’s Kimono Bathrobe. This is a durable, breathable, and comfortable bathrobe that’s been designed specifically to meet men’s needs and body types, so you won’t be disappointed.

With Towel Selections Men’s Kimono Bathrobe you will add style and luxury to your wardrobe. You’ll be amazed at just how much use and enjoyment you can get out of one simple garment, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

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