Towel Selections Women’s Bathrobe Review

Towel Selections Magnolia Bathrobe Review

When you’re lounging around at home and enjoying the relaxation, you want to be sure that you’re doing the most you can to increase your comfort. The easiest way to increase your comfort levels is with the clothing you wear, but everyday garments can be restricting and irritating, which means you’re not able to fully relax as you’d like to.

What if there was a luxury clothing item you could have that could make you feel as though you were floating on a cloud, without the restrictions of usual garments? This is precisely what a bathrobe offers, provided you’ve found one that feels as good as it should be and is within the price range of most people.

Turkish Cotton Terry Kimono Bathrobe


With the right bathrobe in your wardrobe, you’ll have the perfect accessory for all occasion.

Whether it’s something to wear first thing in the morning as you unwind with the daily newspaper and start your day, or a lightweight garment to slip into at night after a warm bath, your bathrobe is a versatile and comfortable outfit to suit every circumstance.

The latest range of bath robes from Towel Selections offers just this, with a luxurious yet budget friendly kimono style bathrobe that serves to only improve your relaxation time at home.

With this bathrobe in your closet, you’ll always be ready to slip into something comfortable and relax around the house without the restrictions of clothing.

About The Product

If there’s one brand you can trust for all things related to towels and luxury, it’s Towel Selections. They make the finest and softest towels and bathrobes, and with these as their main specialty it’s no wonder that they do it well. Their Magnolia Collection bathrobe is a terry towel accessory that’s great for men and women, offering a basic but luxurious garment for all occasions.

When you purchase the Towel Selections Bathrobe, you’ll be getting:

Features Of The Towel Selections Magnolia Terry Cloth Robe

  • Unisex kimono style bathrobe for men and women
  • 100% Turkish cotton material
  • Double stitching for durability
  • Range of different sizes and colors to suit all wearers
  • Front pockets and a belt included in this design


The Towel Selections Magnolia Terry Cloth Robe has everything you’re looking for in a bathrobe, and is ideal for someone who’s never owned a bathrobe before and is looking for the simplest but most comfortable fit they can find.

As one of the most affordable terry cloth robes on the market, you’ll be surprised at just how luxurious this bathrobe feels.

If you’ve been searching for a lightweight but durable bathrobe to keep you warm after your bath or help you get ready in the morning, you’ll be seriously impressed with the Towel Selections Magnolia Terry Cloth Bathrobe.

TowelSelections Women's Robe

What To Expect From The Towel Selections Magnolia Bathrobe

The best thing about this bathrobe is the feel of it when you wear it because it’s the perfect blend of thickness and lightness in the one garment. When you step out of the bath, it’s absorbent enough to keep you comfortable without weighing you down or overheating you, and this is thanks to the 100% Turkish cotton material.

TowelSelections Turkish Cotton


Another great thing about the Towel Selections Magnolia Bathrobe is that it’s suitable for men and women, and has a simple design.

When you choose the right size, this bathrobe should come above your ankles so you won’t have problems walking in it and it has a handy belt that you can do up tight to stay covered or let hang if you’re wanting a bit more freedom.

Some reviews have stated that this towel started to shed a little after a few months, so you’ll need to take care when washing it.

However, you might find that with terry cloth towels and robes this is fairly standard, and considering the cost it’s probably to be expected. 

This robe is machine washable, but to prevent from this pilling that occurs eventually you could hand wash it to give it a few more months of use.

How To Get Your Towel Selections Bathrobe

If you’ve been searching the stores looking for the ideal bathrobe for home and keep coming up short, it’s probably because you’ve been searching in the wrong place. Amazon currently has this highly rated bathrobe from Towel Selections available for a discounted price of under $35 which even includes free postage.

This means you can avoid the stores altogether and skip the queues to get comfort delivered straight to your door.

Because they’re so affordable, you’ll even be able to get a few different colors for yourself or purchase one for your partner so you can each have your own comfortable robe.

Towel Selections stands behind the quality of their products, and they guarantee their customers that if they’re not fully satisfied with their products, the sizes don’t fit, or they feel uncomfortable for any reason, they’ll issue a full refund or replace your item.

You can’t get this kind of guarantee with other bathrobes, which makes it a standout product before you even try it on.

TowelSelections White Women's Robe


The Final Say

For a lightweight but durable unisex bathrobe, you won’t be disappointed by the Magnolia range offered by Towel Selections, and it’s great for all members of your family. This amazing soft bathrobe will suit you from day to evening, and be a true source of comfort you can look forward to after a long day.

To get yourself a Towel Selections Magnolia Bathrobe for yourself and your loved ones, click here to purchase. Once you see just how soft and luxurious this amazing robe is, you’ll want to order one in every color to suit every mood.

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