TowelSelections Women’s Robe Turkish Cotton Hooded Terry Bathrobe Review

Towel Selections bathrobe

A good robe is a garment that marries simplicity and elegance. It drapes easily about the body, flows around the figure, and the soft material is a comfort and allows for a full range of movement and complete ease when at rest. A well-made robe is the piece of clothing that your reach for after your morning shower, after a dip in the pool or jacuzzi, as a reward after a long day and a warm bath, and to relax at your ease as you settle in for a night of in-house entertainment.

In short, a fine bath wrap is part and parcel of the rituals of relaxation and leisure, whether enjoying solo time or in the company of that special someone or surrounded by family. A robe is both an item of lingerie or lounge-wear that is meant to be viewed and admired, as well as treasured by the wearer. 

Towel Selections bathrobe

The Ease and Elegance of a Fine Robe Made of Luxuriant Turkish Cotton

A good robe combines sensual fluidity, being held in place by a belt to customize the fit, and it is unencumbered by any confining zippers or buttons or harsh fabrics against one's skin. It is all about softness, ease, movement, and draping. 

The best robes of today owe their lineage to the beautiful ceremonial outer garments from ancient China and Japan, which were used for dress and ceremonial purposes, and this inspired the creation of the banyan in the 18th century, according to Wikipedia. 

The idea of the robe as a garment came to evolve over time to our current robe, which is an elegant, simple garment that can be worn over nightclothes, bathing wear, or simply over the body beautiful, offering freedom, ease of movement, and complete modesty. All of these alluring features are found in the best bathrobe that is manufactured in Turkey and distributed around the world for all to share the delight in this beautiful garment.

About The Product

If you’ve ever shopped around for a bathrobe before, you’ve likely already heard of the Towel Selections name before.

Towel Selections bathrobe

This brand is synonomous with creating bath towels and robes that are durable, comfortlable, and affordable.

This wonderful women's hooded robe made of 100% high-quality Turkish cotton and is made in Turkey, which is the genesis of this superior fabric. This robe is luxuriant, absorbent, elegant, and comfortable. The hood makes it a wonderful garment for when the weather turns cooler, maintaining body heat after the bath or shower. 

​Enjoy this hooded bath wrap for when you are at your leisure at home, hotel, or spa. It is your go-to piece for when you have the desire to get dressed quickly, and it makes a wonderful robe for toweling off and relaxing after the pool, jacuzzi, sauna, or a relaxing massage. 

This garment is impeccably crafted, with double-stitching for the best craftmanship, so that this robe will enjoy a long-wearing durability while maintaining its good looks. The robe drapes easily and closes via the matching belt and it offers nice and deep pockets that are wonderfully capacious for holding many useful things, from keys to coins to the remote control, or simply enjoy the pockets as a snug harbor in which to slip your hands when you want to keep them warm and cozy. 

Hint: for a more casual appeal, fasten the belt behind you, tie it in a loose knot, and let the front of the robe hang open for an added ease and an enticing simplicity in your modeling of the robe.

​Color Your World and Your Robe Beautifully in a Wide Selection of Rich Hues

The women's hooded robe made of soft, quick-drying, absorbent Turkish cotton by Towelselections comes in a wide variety of attractive colors that will complement the season, your coloring, and your mood. These colors are Blue Shadow, Deep Sea, Lavender, Navy, Quarry, Sedona S. Gray, Victoria Blue, and White.

If you can't make up your mind as to which of these luscious colors appeals to you most, buy several of these robes, and that way you will always have the perfect wrap to delight your day and to lounge comfortably at night. For the self-employed, one of the implied perks of freelance life is the ability to work while wearing a beautiful robe and sipping coffee from a favorite mug. 

They also make the most excellent and appropriate of gifts for birthdays, seasonal holidays, or to mark any special occasion. What's really great about gifting someone with one of these gorgeous hooded robes is that they are so simple to size, so there is no guesswork in bestowing the perfect gift.

They are also a most excellent present to bestow as a get-well gift for a friend or family member to wear while resting and recuperating from an illness, accident, or pregnancy. 

It is as if at the fabric embraces the individual, and that your friend can feel you sending a loving hug! The luxuriant fabric is exquisitely comfortable, the shape of the garment is non-binding, and the lovely colors will have the recipient feeling beautiful and well-cared for when they slip into the warmth and softness of this garment.

As Easy to Maintain as It is to Wear

Not only are these the best robes for comfort, ease, and stylish good looks, they are super easy to maintain at home with simple laundering techniques. Simply machine-wash this women's bathrobe in warm water with standard detergent.

For longer wear, turn the robe inside out and wash on the gentle cycle. Or, with the double-stitching durability, wash it with your regular laundry load. To dry this best bathrobe, place it in the dryer on a low heat setting. 

There is a Robe that is Made in Just Your Size!

These robes come in four sizes and they cover a wide range of body types beautifully.

X-SMALL/SMALL: Length: 43 inches, Shoulder: 18.5 inches, Chest: 42.5 inches. 

SMALL/MEDIUM: Length: 46.5 inches, Shoulder: 20.5 inches, Chest: 47 inches.

MEDIUM/LARGE: Length: 47.6 inches, Shoulder: 22 inches, Chest: 51 inches.

LARGE/X-LARGE: Length: 49 inches, Shoulder: 24.5 inches, Chest: 55 inches.

​Turkish Cotton Will Change Your Life in the Best Possible Ways!

According to the lifestyle gurus at apartmenttherapy, Turkish cotton will rock your world because it is a superior cotton that is comprised of extra-long fibers. This equates to fewer joins, with the end product having stronger and smoother cotton threads.

The superior material of Turkish cotton gets better with age (don't we all?), and it becomes even softer and more absorbent with each wash and dry. And as if that were not enough, it is quick-drying too, making it the perfect toweling fabric, such as for a fine bath wrap for all of your ablutions and aquatic fun. 

Why You Should Consider This Robe as Your Next Wardrobe Purchase

​The women's hooded robe made of luxuriant Turkish cotton is a remarkable garment that is comfortable, flattering, elegant, simple to wear, flatters a wide range of body types, and is useful for everyday wear. 

From wrapping up and drying off post-shower, enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee with stylish flair, weekend lounging solo or with special company, and relaxing at night after a good day of useful activities, this robe makes your life easier, more comfortable, and perfectly attired. It is excellent for dressing quickly and it is your new best all-purpose garment to wear when visiting the pool, sauna, massage, or relaxing at your favorite health club or seaside resort.

Towel selections bathrobe

Some Things to Consider and a Word of Caution

The cons are that these robes run slightly large, be aware of that when you order your size. But as long as it doesn't reach below your ankles, a little extra draping can be a fine thing. 

The other thing that you should be aware of is that even though these garments are called TowelSelections Women's Robe, men love the rich, luxuriant texture of the cloth, they appreciate the styling of the hood, and they enjoy the belt that lends closure and structure to the garment with total comfort.

Warning: The man in your life may try to abscond with your best bathrobe, it looks so good with its classic lines and excellent stitching and fine 100% Turkish cotton. If this happens, consider buying an extra one for him to enjoy. 

​Purchase This Women's Bathrobe with Confidence, Enjoy It with Pleasure

Buy this women's hooded robe made of rich, soft, absorbent Turkish cotton terrycloth bathrobe with confidence. Enjoy it yourself or give it as a gift that will be treasured. If for any reason you are not entirely delighted with this item, then the situation will be made right by mailing you a new wrap in the perfect size, color, or style that you desire, or, if you need, a refund can be issued to you to ensure your complete confidence and satisfaction in the transaction. Your delight in this robe is guaranteed.

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