UGG Women’s Duffield Bathrobe Review

UGG Women's Duffield

Imagine a frosty night in the dead of winter. Icicles frame your windows. Your breath freezes mid-air as it exits your mouth. You make a dash to the front door with crusty snow crunching beneath your boots.

The day has been long and the cold bites at your skin. But once entering into the warmth of your home, you find logs ablaze and crackling with warmth in the fireplace. A steamy mug of cocoa awaits your arrival, and the air smells of fresh-baked cookies.

UGG Women's Duffield

The scene couldn't be more inviting.

But, there's more. After ditching the boots and coat, you move to your bedroom and find a luxurious deep purple robe, the color of nightshade berries, laid out on your bed. Perched atop, a note reads, "I'm the best bathrobe you'll ever own. Wear me." Your cold fingers brush the velvety collar, and a shivery sigh escapes your lips. The perils of winter are already forgotten.

Welcome to the world of UGG.

About Your Duffield Robe
You'll find this lightweight women's bathrobe to be warm and cozy without extra bulk. As you wrap yourself in yards luxury, the soft, fleece-lined interior feels like the hug of from an old friend.

Though perfect for a New England winter night, the lightweight cotton/polyester/Spandex combo offers year-round comfort.

Feel stylish and elegant as you sashay about with the front hem brushing just above your knees and the longer back tickling the back of your calves. The style continues with full-length, cuffed sleeves fitted to your wrist, generous seam-side pockets that allow for more than a single, rumpled Kleenex, and a velvety shawl collar that can flip up and warm your neck on cold nights.

Just like a plush doll, this yummy women's robe will turn you so irresistibly cuddly and huggable you just might not want to take it off before bed. Not only that, but just like all UGG products, this well-made, machine-washable, top bathrobe will stand the test of time.


  • 42% cotton, 50% polyester, 8% Spandex.
  • Hangs just above the knee in front, longer in the back.
  • Velvety shawl collar.
  • Belt closure.
  • Pieced-in, cuffed sleeves.
  • Pieced-in hem.
  • Seam-side pockets.
  • Fleece lined.
  • Machine washable.


What to Expect

Owning an UGG Duffield top bathrobe is a gift to your senses. You might just feel like you've stepped into a spa when the fleece first brushes your skin.

This lightweight robe delivers warmth without bulk, and with Spandex weaved into the fibers, you'll discover a robe that moves with you when you walk.

UGG Women's Duffield

​With a high-low design, you'll find the pieced-in hem fall just above your knees in front yet hit the upper to mid-calf in the back.

Full-length, cuffed sleeves will gently hug your wrists giving your arms full coverage without bothersome fabric hanging over your hands.

The removable belt allows you to wear your robe open over your pajamas for extra morning luxury or wrap yourself up tight in fleece after a shower.

The oversized plush collar not only adds visual interest, but can be flipped up to warm your neck on a drafty morning.

The eight unique color options are taken from nature, coupled with heather to deliver a warm and satisfying aesthetic.

Colors: Amazon currently carries this bathrobe in an assortment of fashionable colors including:

  • ​Navy Heather
  • ​Nightshade Heather
  • ​Port Heather
  • check
  • check
    Oatmeal Heather
  • check
    Warm Sienna Heather
  • check
  • check
    Deep River Heather
Sizes: Not only is there a color for every palate, but with sizes ranging from XS to XL you'll be sure to find a fitting women's bathrobe right for you. If unsure of your perfect size, a helpful sizing chart is available to help you find the best fit.

Cost: With UGG's popular fleece lining and attention to detail, this imported robe will cost a little more than a standard robe. Yet being that it will be the best bathrobe and maybe the last bathrobe you buy, this quality piece is well worth the price.

UGG Women's Duffield

Pros and Cons

Although well worth the price, this top-shelf bathrobe does cost more than an everyday robe. With that being said, elegance and UGG-quality are defining factors, making this a perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for woman in your life. 

​The high-low design of the hem will leave a bit of leg exposed making this robe the perfect length for walking around the house unencumbered. However, for those whose legs chill easily, a longer robe might be preferred.

Your robe will deliver warmth and comfort. Though lightweight and not bulky, the fleece lining could be a bit warm in the steamy South.

The Spandex and polyester components of this robe allow for a more body-hugging fit than bulkier robes. This gives a flirtier feel, but may be uncomfortable for the more timid types.

This machine-washable robe makes for easy care. Although not required, using a gentle-cycle wash and low-heat dry will lengthen your robe's lifespan and luxuriance.

Final Thoughts

Your senses are delighted as you snuggle into your new robe on that cold winter's night.

You saunter back to the kitchen to retrieve your steamy mug of cocoa covered now in warmth and luxury. As you peek out your frosty window, a flip of your plush collar wards off the draft, and you smile to yourself, knowing the one who gave you this gift cares greatly for your well-being.

Though outside the icicles still frame your window, you're deliciously at home in your plush retreat. The stresses of the day are behind you. The warmth of the evening revives you.

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