A Beginner’s Guide To Wet Rooms

A Beginner's Guide To Wet Rooms

If you’re someone who follows the latest trends when it comes to home renovations or bathrooms, you’ll probably already know what a wet room is. For those still wondering, what is a wet room, we’re here to help you out and show you a revolutionary way to enjoy your bathroom space.

Wet rooms are the latest design style when it comes to your bathroom, and the name can be somewhat deceiving. They’re made to be wetter than standard bathrooms and without enclosures for baths and showers, but they’re not entirely wet like the name makes them seem

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your bathroom and want the latest style, the wet room is the way to go. We’ll show you how much they can cost, what exactly sets them apart, and the benefits they can add to your home and shower experience.

What Is A Wet Room?

Floor In The Wet Room

Simply put, a wet room is another term for a bathroom. However, unlike standard bathrooms that have set spaces for showers or baths, the entire walls and floors have been sealed with a waterproofing membrane.

The design of a wet room usually has the floor sloping in a slight angle so that all water can drain as needed and so that there’ll be no buildup of water. There’s not usually much in the way of shower screens or enclosures and it’s meant to give a more open feel to your bathing experience.

Wet Room Vs Bathroom: What’s The Difference?

Bathrooms can have virtually any layout or setup you want, and it’s about whatever makes you comfortable and happy. When looking at a wet room specifically, the only difference is that everything has been sealed with a waterproof membrane which gives you more freedom about how to use the water.

Another main difference between a bathroom and a wet room is the shower setup. Most bathrooms feature shower screens or enclosures where you stand to bathe.

A wet room is more open so it may have a showerhead and drain, without any obvious space marking out the shower. This means you have free reign over where you stand, how you wash, and the amount of space you’re using.

How Expensive Is a Wet Room?

The first question people ask when looking at these trendy new styles of bathroom is how much do they cost? Any time you do a complete renovation of your bathroom, you’re probably looking to spend at least a few thousand dollars, and the same goes for a wet room.

Wet rooms do have the potential to cost extra because of a few factors. Firstly, you will need to waterproof a much larger space than with a standard bathroom.

Secondly, because you have to tile a larger area also. Finally, to change the layout of your old bathroom to something completely different with a sloping angle for your water waste, it would require a complete renovation.

Although the outlay of costs could seem high at first, it’s a known fact among those in real estate that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms people look at when determining the price. Giving your home this upgrade could make it worth a significantly higher amount of money, so it’s well worth the investment.

The Benefits Of A Wet Room

Feet In Weet Room

Aside from the obvious benefit of increasing the value of your home, there are some other benefits possible when you make the conversion from the old bathroom to a modern wet room. Check out what things could change when you embrace this modern style.


The beauty of a wet room and this flat surface is that people of all ages can easily access it and do so safely. Elderly people won’t need to step over anything and there’s less for children to run into, so it’s a great choice for all types of users and families.

Better Use Of Space

A wet room layout suits all kinds of bathrooms but it can be especially helpful for those with minimal space. Without shower screens or doors in the way, you can truly utilize every inch for something practical and not have to worry about feeling cramped.

Cleans Easily

With minimal screens and doors in your way, you’ll find that keeping your wet room clean is a lot easier. As things are more open, there’s also less chance of mold or grime build up occurring which is always a good thing.

Adds A Wow Factor

There’s no denying how good a wet room looks and it’s the easiest way to turn your dated bathroom into something modern and amazing. You’ll love being in here every day and it’ll be a major selling point for your house or something that guests are dying to see.

Matches All Décor

No matter what style of décor you want for your bathroom, a wet room will suit it. These amazingly chic setups suit all kinds of furnishings, styles, taps, and décor, and it will only enhance their looks further.

Luxury And Style For Your Home

Woman Enjoying In Wet Room

Our bathrooms are a place where we go to invigorate ourselves, relax, or prepare for the day, and they can have a lot of impact on our mood.

Therefore, having one that helps you feel at ease and is so beautiful that you never want to leave it is surely a worthwhile investment. Wet rooms are the way of the future and present so many benefits to the user, so they’re not just stylish but practical, too.

The opportunities are endless with a wet room and you could have a large sunken tub, open shower, and your favorite bathrobe and fluffy towels hanging around you. This new style of bathroom will surely become the norm within years, so why not get ahead of the trend and start enjoying all of its benefits sooner.



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